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If there is anything in the world that will get your heart pumping, it is a (tailing redfish).  Capt. Brent specializes in sight fishing Redfish.  It will make your hands shake and get you whispering in an instant.  These fish (Tail) or (Fin) because they are eating crabs, shrimp, grubs, and all other types of creatures off the bottom.  While they do this they do not realize their tail is waving like a flag.  We call these tailing fish (happy fish) because they are most likely eating!  On the shallow water grass flats of East Central Florida we will be fishing very shallow water.  Sometimes under 12".  These fish feed in shallow water like this because it makes it much easier to ambush their prey.  Rather than chasing bait at all angles in deep water.  Not to mention all the crabs and shrimp that are on the grass flats.  These fish can be caught with artificial baits as well as live bait.  I call them the Largemouth Bass of the Lagoons.  Redfish are very aggressive, they will push a wake 20 Yards across a flat and explode on your lure.  There is nothing like it and is absolutely addicting!


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Serving Orlando, Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach area.  East Central Florida has some of the best sight fishing charters, and wildlife experiences the United States has to offer.  In our incredible lagoons, It is very common to see wildlife such as Manatees, Dolphins, Sting Rays, Fish, Birds, and more.