(Up to 6 Anglers)  3 Hours ($550)

We will target the same species of fish and use a similar style as our Private Fishing Trips on our Flats Boat.   Targeted species include Speckled Sea Trout, Red Drum, Black Drum, Tarpon, Snook, and much more.  With a more laid back approach we use on these trips, makes it perfect for any age and experience fishing.  A maximum of 6 anglers per trip provides plenty of space on our 23' Fishing Pontoon Boat.

(Private Pontoon Fishing)

Catch and Release Only!

Gratuity- 15%-20% Tip is Recommended for Captain.

Please Call 321-610-0616 to Reserve a Private Trip


What is included:  Fishing Licenses for all anglers, tackle, bait, Cooler filled with ice, and bottled water.

What should you bring: Polarized sunglasses are very important for inshore fishing trips as most of the fishing is sight fishing.  It is crucial to wear Polarized glasses to cut the glare off the water.  Weather appropriate clothing (Rain gear), Sun block,  Snacks/Beverages.

(Private Flats Fishing Trip)

The boat used for these trips is the Key West Stealth Flats boat that is built to hunt down fish in shallow water.  Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River, and Banana River for Redfish, Trout, Tarpon, Black Drum, Snook, and much more. 

Pricing based on 1-2 Anglers.  Maximum 4 Anglers. Each additional angler $100

      (3 Hours) $375

Cancellation/Deposit: Once deposit/amount is paid the date will be reserved.  Last minute trips please call to check availability.  Deposit will be non refundable unless the trip is cancelled due to bad weather, or any other issues determined by the captain.

If there is anything in the world that will get your heart pumping, it is a (tailing redfish).  Capt. Brent specializes in sight fishing Redfish.  It will make your hands shake and get you whispering in an instant.  These fish (Tail) or (Fin) because they are eating crabs, shrimp, grubs, and all other types of creatures off the bottom.  While they do this they do not realize their tail is waving like a flag.  We call these tailing fish (happy fish) because they are most likely eating!  On the shallow water grass flats of East Central Florida we will be fishing very shallow water.  Sometimes under 12".  These fish feed in shallow water like this because it makes it much easier to ambush their prey.  Rather than chasing bait at all angles in deep water.  Not to mention all the crabs and shrimp that are on the grass flats.  These fish can be caught with artificial baits as well as live bait.  I call them the Largemouth Bass of the Lagoons.  Redfish are very aggressive, they will push a wake 20 Yards across a flat and explode on your lure.  There is nothing like it and is absolutely addicting!

Call - 321-610-0616